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We understand the importance of an idea. Thus, we strive to provide exceptional assistance that ensures your vision becomes a reality.
Web Application Development
Our skilled developers ensure meticulous planning and execution, always exceeding client expectations.
Mobile Application Development
From ideation to deployment, our mobile applications are a special service making sure your idea is proven across all platforms.
Our CMS customisation skills offer a user-friendly interface, and powerful features to help you manage dynamic content effortlessly.
Product Design
"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like, Design is how it works", Our designers make sure the product is truly bespoke, tailored to resonate with your audience, user friendly and feels alive.
We deliver secure, scalable, and user-friendly blockchain solutions that leverage the latest technology and industry best practices to meet our clients' needs.
Entrust your DevOps needs to us, Our collaborative approach and real-time monitoring elevate your infrastructure, empowering you to achieve new heights.

Solutions We Offer

Fixed Price

Offers you a well-defined scope of work with clear deliverables, a fixed budget, and a predetermined timeline.

Dedicated Team

Provides clients with a flexible, scalable, and exclusive team of skilled professionals to work for them exclusively.

Projects That Speak For Themselves

SGSolid Jobs

SGSolid Jobs is an online hiring facilitator based in Singapore that helps both the employee and the employer find the best match for their unique preferences.

Fahrrad Heroes

Fahrrad Heroes, a German platform, functions as an E-commerce platform for electric bikes, offering a convenient solution for individuals seeking their preferred bike. By centralizing multiple retailers, Fahrrad Heroes streamlines the purchasing process and eliminates the need for exploring each retailer individually.

The Teacher Tool

Comprehensivese SEO involves keywords research and ranking racking, on-site optimizations, backlink analysis, and link the building.

What People Are Saying About Us

Our Toolkit?

  • What are the services you offer?

    We provide a number of services across different disciplines, which are as follows:

    1. Web Application Development
    2. Mobile Application Development
    3. Blockchain Development
    4. Product Design
    5. Artificial Intelligence
    6. DevOps
  • Which industries do you cater to?

    We work with the following idustries:

    1. Education
    2. Tele-Medicine & Health Care
    3. Retail & Ecommerce
    4. Travel & Hospitality
    5. Construction & Real Estate
    6. Logistics & Automotive
  • Which technologies are you handy with?

    We work with the following technologies:

    1. WordPress
    2. PHP & Laravel
    3. React JS & Next JS
    4. Node JS
    5. Photoshop/XD/Figma
    6. React Native
    7. AI & ML
    8. Blockchain
  • How do you carry out your communication with clients?

    Our resources and project managers accommodate clients according to their time zone. We use all modern communication gateways like Slack, Zoom, Skype etc.

How to get started?

  • What is the first step?

    Action is the key, get in touch with us by providing all the necessary requirements and specifications, This initial communication ensures a clear understanding of your needs, enabling us to deliver tailored solutions for your requirements. You can schedule a meeting for free consultation here.
  • What information should I provide to get a project started?

    Any and all sorts of assets and requirement that you can bring with you. "Requirement" here refers to the essential information, the core idea, goals, and expectations you have for your project. This may include project objectives, scope, timelines, deliverables, and any specific constraints or preferences.
  • Can you help me scope out and define the requirements for my project?

    Certainly! Our project managers are not only well-versed in various domains but also possess exceptional interpersonal skills. You can schedule a meeting for free consultation here.

Solutions we offer?

  • What Solutions do you offer?

    We offer different service models to cater different client needs, Fixed Price and Dedicated Team.
  • What is the difference between Fixed Price Model and a Dedicated Team Model?

    We understand that some clients feel more comfortable inside a fixed budget and timeline for their projects, while others are more quality oriented and may need ongoing support and flexibility. That's why we offer both fixed-price projects and dedicated teams for resource augmentation.
  • How can i know which model is better suited for my project?

    Our project managers work closely with the clients to understand their specific needs and recommend the service model that is best suited to their requirements. You can schedule a meeting for free consultation here.

Our Approach?

  • What is your approach towards a project?

    The structure we follow is:

    1. Requirement Gathering.
    2. Requirement Analysis.
    3. Finalising the Scope and Control Flow.
    4. Devising a development plan.
    5. Review and Approval.

    By following this process, we ensure that your project's requirements are well-defined and agreed upon, setting the foundation for a successful collaboration.
  • How do we carry out our communication with clients?

    Our resources and project managers accommodate clients according to their time zone. We use all modern communication gateways like Slack, Zoom, Skype etc.

Payments and Billing?

  • What is the first step?

    Discuss your idea with
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