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Project Name
Kiddo Quiz

Client’s business goals

The business goal was to enhance student learning by providing a comprehensive collection of informative and entertaining courses spanning a wide range of relevant topics from grade 1 to 12. To facilitate ease of use, a robust system was required to assist students and parents in filtering, sorting, and searching for courses of specific interest. A core principle was to make learning accessible and affordable, ensuring that educational resources were within reach for a diverse audience.


The project faced several challenges, including curating diverse and top-notch educational content spanning over 1000 topics and various grade levels. Optimizing the search and filtering system was crucial to ensure easy navigation through the extensive course catalog that must remain available 24/7. Quiz functionality seamlessly required careful planning to enhance learning without disrupting the user experience. Moreover, designing the platform to appeal to different audiences while keeping it affordable was essential. To make the platform engaging, implementing gamification features like reward cards and badges added an element of fun while maintaining educational focus. Performance and scalability concerns were also involved that require rigorous testing and infrastructure optimization to accommodate growing user traffic.


To tackle KiddoQuiz's development challenges, we implemented innovative solutions, starting with integrating OpenAI ChatGPT for diverse and top-notch course content. Next, we optimized the search and filtering system with advanced algorithms for smooth navigation. Our platform design prioritized user engagement, affordability, and content quality. Adding gamification features like reward cards and badges kept learners motivated while staying focused. We also addressed performance and scalability issues through rigorous testing and infrastructure upgrades. Lastly, dynamic content updates and engagement strategies were deployed for a fulfilling learning experience. With these solutions, KiddoQuiz emerged as a comprehensive and engaging learning platform.
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In a whirlwind of dedicated work over four months, we proudly unveiled Kiddo Quiz. The application's seamless user experience, achieved through the implementation of advanced search algorithms, database optimization, and intuitive filters driven by JavaScript and React. The integration of ChatGPT API's with JavaScript has not only broadened our content selection but has also elevated the quality of educational materials, ensuring a diverse and top-rated collection.

Technologies and Tools

Database: MySQL

APIs: Chat GPT

Languages:JavaScript, React, Tailwind, PHP