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Client’s business goals

The world of trading is alluring, yet the fear of financial risk often hinders aspiring traders from realizing their potential. Phoenix Trader Funding addresses this challenge by offering a unique platform where skilled traders can leverage their expertise without risking their capital. The primary objective of the web application is to bridge the gap between aspiring traders and real-world success by providing a risk-free opportunity to trade with the support of the platform's capital.


The project encountered several challenges that needed to be addressed to ensure the success and effectiveness of Phoenix Trader Funding's platform. Firstly, the trading functionalities relied on a Rithmic trading account, which necessitated manual intervention to complete transactions. This manual process not only introduced security vulnerabilities but also led to delays in transaction completion. Secondly, the design of the application needed to cater to the needs of amateur traders while maintaining usability and accessibility. It was crucial to create an intuitive and user-friendly interface that would enable newbies to navigate the platform easily and effectively manage their trading activities. These challenges required strategic solutions to enhance security, streamline transactions, and optimize the user experience for traders of all skill levels.


Addressing the challenges faced by Phoenix Trader Funding, several strategic solutions were implemented. Firstly, to mitigate the manual intervention required for transactions, the platform transitioned to an automated trading system. This not only enhanced security by reducing the risk of human error but also significantly improved transaction speed and efficiency. By integrating advanced trading algorithms and protocols, transactions could be executed seamlessly, providing users with a smoother trading experience. Single Solution development team critically conducted a user research to understand the needs and preferences of novice traders and incorporated these insights into the design process. The new UI/UX design focused on simplicity, clarity, and intuitiveness that made it easier for users to navigate the platform, execute trades, and access essential features. Additionally, educational resources and tutorials were integrated into the platform to provide guidance and support to users at every step of their trading journey.
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Users experienced seamless trading on the application, navigating the platform without any hindrances. Our team has omitted the manual completion of transaction using custom API’s developed by our backend engineers. In a testament to the platform's immediate appeal and functionality, we witnessed a significant milestone with the enrollment of 1000 users within the very first week of its launch. Notably, these users not only engaged with the app for trading activities but also expressed keen interest in staying informed about the latest trading techniques.

Technologies and Tools

Database: MySQL

UI/UX: Figma, Adobe XD

Languages: JavaScript, React, Tailwind, Laravel